Suki and her team at CentreStage are by far the best in the business. Both of my daughters love their classes and we have been entrusting them to Suki now for over 5 years.

David Rowell, March 2017

Just wanted to quickly say a big thank you to you and Miss Sharon for all of your hard work and dedication in getting the girls ready for their ballet exam. I know that you and your team go above and beyond the call of duty to get everyone ready and prepared. I have to be honest and admit that I hadn’t appreciated how hard everyone had worked until I watched the extra practice class last Sunday. I really loved watching the girls dancing and was impressed at just how good they were! I know I’m totally biased but it was really beautiful to watch.

Big thank you!

Alexandra Estwick, March 2017

Last week I left my 18 year old daughter at University for the first time. As I drove home I reflected on how my shy little toddler had grown into such a happy, healthy, confident young lady with a huge zest for life.

Centre Stage has certainly played an enormous part in this development. During her 16 years as a pupil Abigail has been lucky enough to participate in ballet, modern, contemporary, tap & festival dance classes as well as drama.

The teaching staff has always been professional, talented & motivated. Suki & Graham have been a constant source of encouragement & inspiration. The dancing skills, strength & poise are achievements in themselves and the invaluable life lessons are a bonus. Abigail certainly learnt that persistence & commitment is a recipe for success.

As I stood in Abigail’s college room & helped unpack her bags I smiled as I pulled out her ballet & tap shoes along with some familiar show costumes. No doubt Freshers week at Nottingham will have a touch of Centre Stage magic in it.

Thank you for the wonderful memories.

Lisa Fallows

My younger daughter attends CentreStage’s ballet class, taught by the wonderful Miss Jo. She absolutely loves it! The weekly classes are inspiring, but not too difficult & have the perfect balance of fun with learning ballet discipline. Miss Jo is exceptional – a talented ballerina, with poise & grace – and wonderful with the children – kind, imaginative & fun. I can highly recommend these classes!

Marie-Claire Lakin

This is just a quick email to tell you how much Tahlia enjoys, benefits from, and develops during her Drama, Tap and Gymnastics ‎sessions at Centre Stage. Lessons are always fun and challenging, an opportunity to learn new skills and techniques. I have seen Tahlia’s confidence grow, her dancing skills and flair develop and he strength and agility much improve.

The big productions ‎in the Leatherhead Theatre are always very special too. So much hard work goes into them and they are fantastic in enabling the kids to have a real flavour of life in the theatre-from script-learning, through to First Night.

We are now at a point where, having to move some 20 miles away, we had to promise Tahlia she would be able to continue attending Centre Stage.

Michal Stein

I know that amongst all the final preparations and rehearsals for tomorrow you must feel exhausted, but I just wanted to pass on my huge appreciation for all the time, effort, enthusiasm and talent you and your fab team have put into tomorrow’s shows. As you said earlier, Daisy has progressed so far from that nervous, gawky little girl who started in your lessons. She is so excited about tomorrow and has practised over and over again tonight. The sense of excitement and anticipation over the last few weeks has been palpable and it is so wonderful that all the young people get such an opportunity. As you said, you and your fellow teachers are giving them memories and there really is no price you can put on that. I chose your dance school for Daisy because I feel you have wonderfully high standards and an abundance of talent but perhaps more importantly you care for and nurture all your pupils, it is because of your warmth that Daisy now has the confidence to stand centre stage hold her head high and perform  and best of all love every minute of it.

I know tomorrow will be buzz and excitement and tremendous hard work but I hope that as you see all your pupils up on stage tomorrow you know how much we all appreciate everything you have done to get them there.

Jo Newton

What outstanding afternoon and evening productions. I indulged myself to both performances as I hardly ever get to see Nicola perform. I absolutely loved seeing so many children having their special moment on stage. It was fabulous seeing my daughter dance too.

From the script, so well done Graham, to the choreography of each piece, well done all the teachers, the children had a ball and you should be so proud of your achievement . It was a very very special day.

Jane Liebenberg

Centrestage is a wonderful dance and drama school. Suki and her team are fabulous! My daughter has been there for the last 6 years and has really flourished under Suki and her teams guidance. Its the go-to school in Surrey if you’re serious about dance and drama in a professional and nurturing environment.

Adele Jarvis

My 10 year old Daughter has been with Suki’s Centrestage Team for 3 years. She has enjoyed holiday camps and a Sat morning Drama session. With Centrestage behind her my Daughter has gained lots of confidence but most importantly a real love for Drama. Being part of the bi-annual show at Leatherhead Theatre was a real highlight for us all! I highly recommend Suki and her Centrestage Team.


My son and daughter have been doing drama, dance and musical theatre with Suki Turner and her talented staff for the past 2 years. My children love their lessons and look forward to them every week. My son’s highlight is having participated in the Peter Pan production, which he thoroughly enjoyed and has very fond memories of!

Nadia El-Bachir

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