Some of you may know I have a ‘Record Label’: DanceMusic … and I’ve produced a CD of a selection of Gentle Exercise Music. This music has been used by the Royal Academy of Dance [RAD], of which I’m an Associate, in a project to develop on-going provision of dance and exercise for the not-so-nimble, called Dance for Lifelong Wellbeing! The CD’s have also been used extensively by teachers in an organisation called Extend, who deliver exercise classes in residential homes.

But just recently, I’ve been invited by the RAD to take a major part in their Dance for Lifelong Wellbeing project; I’m now trained up as one of a new team of specialist Dance Artists (or Coaches) to deliver courses myself.   So now I travel off frequently to residential care homes in London and the Isle of Wight, having great fun creating dances and exercises for older men and women who have to remain seated or who are frail and cannot stand well.

If you’d like to try it, or know someone who might benefit from some gentle dance (seated or standing) do get in touch with me!


Recent research shows that participating in dance has a huge benefit for the more elderly in our society, not just the youngsters! The combination of music, exercise and creativity has a powerful impact on the wellbeing of participants. Apart from the obvious physical advantages of dance, the sense of community and sharing the same experience is also highly beneficial.

Dance for Lifelong Wellbeing, a new dance/exercise programme created by the Royal Academy of Dance [RAD] is designed for the over 50s, and can be taught as a seated or standing class – or a combination. Dementia and Parkinson’s disease sufferers show improvements after experiencing a series of these classes. Dance for Lifelong Wellbeing is not just a set of exercises, but by using props, imagery, music and dance it creates an overall sense of positivity and energy.

Healthy living, exercise and wellbeing is gaining popularity, and Dance for Lifelong Wellbeing for men and women over 50 attending just once a week for an hour, is enough to stimulate improvement in physicality, mentality, therapeutically and thus a participant’s quality of life.

If you’d like to try it, or know someone who might benefit from some gentle dance (seated or standing) do get in touch with me!


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