The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – Testimonial

February 24, 2020
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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – Parent Testimonial

Suki Thank you all for putting on such a fantastic show. I know it takes a mammoth effort from many people to put together such a big enterprise involving so many children. You gave your time, energy, patience, support, creativity and hearts to this project. And you gave Sara the chance to shine. I can never thank you enough for that. After the show Sara was bubbling over… I think she’s caught the theatre bug big time… there’s nothing like it!

Everyone was fantastic… the actors, the dancers, the choreography and direction, the set, lighting and props (mostly… !). I loved the Beavers and their adorable, comic banter, Mr was sweet and timid, little Lucy was brave, Edmund was suitably snivelly, Susan was the voice of reason and Peter was there to lead them all to victory. And no one forgot their lines! Aslan was awesome, the baby ballerinas were delightful, the point girls were graceful (all the dances were beautifully staged and choreographed). Sara’s Queen was both scary and bewitching (I’m biased!)…

When things went wrong, the children knew what to do, which shows how well rehearsed and confident they all were. It was so nice to see all ages participating and loving being on stage… I remember when Sara was a tiny tot in the snow ballet (her first show, I think it was the Snow Queen, in the first dance, there’s always one who doesn’t want to go on/waves to her mum/cries on the front row, all of them not quite sure what to do, but doing a beautiful job anyway).

There were laughs (Lucy/Mr and Mrs Beaver are an accomplished comic double act), gasps, applause and a very happy audience. I could have watched the whole thing again! None of this would be possible without your hard work (and the stage management team too, of course). It has been a pleasure to help, even in a small way backstage, and watch my little girl grow up doing something she loves.

My friends that came along loved it and commented on how slick and professional the performance was… no doubt, this was the best show to date. Thank you

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