contemporaryAge 6 and upwards. Varied courses. Perfect for those planning to take GCSE/A Level Drama.

Contemporary dance is very popular at vocational level. It incorporates elements from several dance styles and is particularly expressive. Contemporary is perfect for those planning to take GCSE/A Level Dance, and for those who love to experience a sense of real freedom of movement.
There are many different philosophies in contemporary dance. Centre Stage teaches the most rewarding:

  • Ballet technique, with no strictness on body lines and with a greater range of movement.
  • Use of body weight represented by fall and recovery; suspension and succession.
  • Breathing and impulse control, represented by contraction and release.
  • Ability to change direction dramatically within the body and in space.
  • Strength and flexibility of both mind and body, with strong, controlled leg work.
  • Using the floor in innovative and inspiring ways.
  • Correct ways to be lifted, including contact work and trust exercises.


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