Age 5 and upwards. Advanced standard professional level. Syllabus: ISTD.

In Modern Dance we aim to equip students with a well limbered body within their physical capabilities, an appreciation and feel of rhythm and the knowledge of space awareness, dynamics, relaxation, accent, and a sense of performance – all combined with ease of movement.

Boys have a different style of dance and some of their exercises are especially targeted to their physique. We have, therefore a Boy’s Modern class when appropriate.

We follow the ISTD syllabi and the minimum age to take examinations is 5 years. The grading system results are Distinction, Merit and Pass. There are 3 sections to the syllabi – warm up and technical exercises, rhythm section and amalgamations. The teacher arranges a dance for the students.

We structure the classes in a disciplined environment but our ultimate goal is to give enjoyment to the students and to give them confidence in their future lives.







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